Beautifull Placa Ranca Upas in Bandung, Indonesian

Ranca Upas
Tourist Attractions in South Bandung Ranch Upas

Ranch Upas has a very extensive area of ​​approximately 215 Hektar. As one of the protected forest area in Bandung, Ranch Upas an area as a conservation variety of plants like the rare flora Jamuju, Huru, Hamirug, Kihujan, Kitambang and variety of fauna such as birds and deer ,

Tourist Attractions in South Bandung itself is at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, so that the air temperature in the region is still very nature which is naturally very cold and extreme ranges at 17 degrees Celsius until 20 degrees Celsius.Bahkan when at night, the temperature here can reach the lowest temperature below 0 degrees Celsius.

So if you are looking for attractions in southern Bandung in addition to the White Crater, Situ and Cimanggu for traveling with family, friends or couples with the aim to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains is very beautiful and natural as well as feel the sensation of temperature extremes super cold, the authors refer tourist region known as the village of Cai Ranch Upas this.

Tourism facilities and activities at the Ranch Upas Ciwidey

Ranch Upas as the integrated nature tourism area, has a wide range of excellent tourist services is the main attraction of the tourists are always crowded visited tourist spots in southern Bandung, among others;

1.Areal Camping Ranch Upas Smart Camp Adventure
Bumi Perkemahan Ranca Upas
Tourist Attractions in South Bandung Ranch Upas

Famous as a camping area that is very spacious with a capacity reached 10,000 thousand people, so this place is so flexible and you can choose a camping site or in accordance with your wishes.

2. Caring for Deer
Penangkaran Rusa Ranca Upas
Tourist Attractions in South Bandung Ranch Upas

Attractions in South Bandung This also is one of the famous places as the conservation of fauna species Rusa left alive in the wild like in the cold atmosphere of natural original habitat. Feel mountains which extend, while viewing and feeding to animals deer can be a sensation for you ,

3. Thermal Baths and Swimming Waterboom

Pemandian Air Panas Waterboom Ranca Upas
Tourist Attractions in South Bandung Ranch Upas

The area is famous for the cold weather is also available as well as the swimming pool with a hot water bath waterboom. You  can enjoy facilities the thrill of playing and swimming in the water hot spring in the middle of the forest area is very beautiful, cool and cold.

5.Fun Adventure

Kegiatan Outbond di Ranca Upas
Tourist Attractions in South Bandung Ranch Upas

Tourism in Ciwidey area also provides facilities such as Fun Adventure Outbound activity is very interesting and challenging and much favored by tourists visiting the area . You can do with the family or group, outbound activities in the tourist area is guaranteed to be an adventure you are not will be found in other tourist attractions.

6.Fun Games
Fun Games Di Ranca Upas
Tourist Attractions in South Bandung Ranch Upas

Tourist Attractions in Bandung also provides facilities to play and the game will add to the sensation of a vacation in a tourist spot in southern Bandung-perahuan ini.seperti around the boat like a kayak in the water pool and other exciting games that you must try.

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