Anyer Beach , Serang, Banten ( Indonesian)

Anyer beach, a beach in Banten most visited by tourists. Whether it's local and foreign tourists. Every week the beach is endlessly visited by local tourists, especially from Jakarta and surrounding areas. Beautiful beaches with charming white sand make this beach to be one of the favorite beaches. Spot a beautiful and diverse attractions that make this beach increasingly in demand by families when the weekend comes. Anyer beach visit will surely be a vacation or trip that is interesting for you all.

Know More In About Anyer Beach

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Do you know what it Anyer Beach? whether it was the name of one of the beach or one of the areas in the district of Serang - Banten? For that you have to know him more deeply what exactly it is and where it is located Anyer. And what exactly is the difference between the beaches of Anyer and Carita beach. Because some of us are still confused which one is called the coast of Anyer and Carita Beach where it is called.

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Anyer beach is located in the district of Anyer, Serang district, Banten province. So actually Anyer name was taken from one of the districts in the county name Serang - Banten. Why Anyer name is taken to be the name of a beach? Anyer districts because most of the region in the area of ​​the beach. If you are visiting Anyer, then you're going down the highway with views on the right road (from Jakarta) is the beach with a beautiful panorama. Since most of the area is the beach, the beach disebutlah in sub Anyer are Anyer Beach. So, Anyer beach is not just a beach alone. But the rest of the beaches that exist in the district called the Anyer Beach Anyer.
map beach anyerUntuk find out which included districts Anyer, if you come from Jakarta. So after passing through an industrial area, you will see an archway that reads "Welcome In Sub Anyer". Wherein after the gate was no market area of ​​Anyer is quite crowded. That initial boundary area called Anyer. Actually when you enter the market area alone. You are already on the beach. But to see the beaches, you'll need to sign a bit to the right. Because the beach is already covered by residential areas. And if you continue the journey, not long after the market Anyer beach will begin to appear. And that's where most of the tourists and new visitors realize that they've been in the area of ​​Anyer Beach.

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Highway with views of the coast will continue to enjoy until the border between Anyer with Carita. So far as the border districts that Anyer new deadline of Anyer beach and you will continue with a view of the beach-in Carita Beach.

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Differences in Anyer and Carita Beach Beach

Maybe there was a bit of confusion in your mind, what is the difference Anyer and Carita beach it? there are even some who call Anyer Beach Carita. While both the beach it is two different coastal areas. Actually the name Carita Beach it also does away with Anyer beach. The name "Carita" was taken from the name Carita beach area around it as well. So like Anyer, Carita Beach is also a term for the beaches in the area of ​​the district Carita Serang - Banten. Name of Anyer and Carita Beach are two area beaches exist in each place that Anyer and Carita.

Various Activities You Can Do

Vacationing at the beach especially if you go with family and friends, a lot of things we can do variety of fun activities can refresh our minds, among others:

Swimming in the beach
Playing water sport
Build a sand castle
Surfing / surfing
Enjoy the sunset and sunrise
Get together with your family while enjoying the beautiful beach
And many more activity is more we can do. And do not forget to capture the beautiful moment was to take pictures. So that when you return to activity is day-to-day, you will have wonderful memories with family and friends at Anyer Beach.

Lodging in Anyer

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Incomplete enjoy the beauty of Anyer beach in just one day. For melengkap vacation, you can also stay at the hotel, cottage, villa, or home stay in the area of ​​Anyer Beach. Ranging from simple to classy inn's all there in the area of ​​Anyer. Of course, every inn has facilities and its own advantages. But most of the hotels in Anyer already have adequate facilities such as fully air-conditioned rooms, swimming pools, water sports sepert jetski and banana bout, ATV, and many other facilities.

Anyer beach advantages Compared With Other

Why should Anyer beach is the purpose? whereas in the province of Banten Anyer beach was not only okay but there are many other beaches. It's true, but until now Anyer Beach still be excellent because the location is easily accessible and close to the capital Jakarta. In addition, the facilities in Anyer beach is also very complete. As well as many interesting spots that can spoil our eyes when visited. So, if you are still free to visit Anyer Beach?

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