7 Mounts That Own Most Beautiful 'Sunrise' in Indonesia

Golden Holidays - There have been many travelers who said, "as beautiful as any beach, in the end, one must taste the joy of heights." Therefore you should try out the occasional ride to the top of the beautiful mountains. No need to go far, Indonesia was 'presents' the charm of these heights.

Many of the motifs of the background for someone to do the climb. One of them, enjoying the beauty of the sunrise in an entirely different spot. Not the horizon in between skyscrapers, but face to face with the sun. Here mountains in Indonesia, which has the most beautiful sunrise, as the tips for Mountain tours for beginners.

Nobody could refuse the charm of Rinjani. 'Son mountain' native Indonesia who are trying out the ascent path said that the sensation as not in Indonesia. Not because of its natural topography, but climbers at certain times it is dominated by foreign tourists. They all wanted to say hello to the sun from the top of Rinjani.

How was stunned to see the sunrise directly on the highest ground of Java? Ocean clouds which seemed to add to the charm of the sun that appear majestically on the eastern horizon will anesthetize anyone who sees. Mahameru and sunrise are the best combinations that can be felt at an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level.

See the sunrise at the top of the highest volcano in Indonesia is the sensation offered Kerinci. Mountains in the province of Jambi is indeed worth it to climb. From the top, you will see several cities in Sumatra weight, and treat the most hunted the climbers, the Seven Lakes Mountain panorama from a height.

Sand which has its harmonies make compulsory destination Bromo so if you come to the east of Java. Equestrian and up the stairs to the top are several options to enjoy Bromo. Its charm increases when you see the sunrise glistening mist swallowed once, change it into a golden color that matched the peak of Bromo buds.

Once satisfied to see blue fire performances in the early morning, Ijen does not make down until the sun appeared. See the movement of the sun little by little at the top of Ijen does give intimate feel so different. One remedy the most appropriate way to close exploration, which began the evening in a 'producer' of this blue flame.

Mount suitable for beginners this is not kidding give treats natural charm. Famous for its expanse of Edelweiss, as well as the dead forest which has views of the epic. However, the beauty of Papandayan did not stop there. This mountain gives panoramic sunrise is almost perfect. Seeing the horizon bounded peaks of the mountains that through the view to the town of Garut.

Mountains are located in Central Java is not only famous by savanna are such hypnotic overlays. Merbabu witnessed at the peak of the sun greets the world to start another day, made friends with the cold wind entrance to the bone, and expanse of mist gradually thinned make anyone miss Merbabu so quickly.

The climb is done early in the morning, to be 'the first' which met with the warmth of the morning sun, it deserves to be acted. If you know other mountains in Indonesia, which also has a panoramic sunrise, is dazzling, immediately add in the comments wrote.

That are 7 mounts that own most beautiful sunrises in Indonesia. Hope it can help you as  the tips for Mountain tours for beginners.

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