7 Points in Indonesia Nature Similar to Other Countries Destinations

Golden HolidaysOnly by closing their eyes and imagine the charm of Indonesian nature, you'll fall in love without loopholes created every day. Beautiful beaches with white sand are warm, the smell of the sea is so clean, majestic mountain peaks that offer exotic altitude, until the sound of wilderness that is so sedating.

When asked about the destination of choice in Indonesia, its length will compete with the Lake Baikal in Russia there. Specifies one place, then you also determine what thrill ride to be tested. However, if observed, Indonesia had the choice of traveling places that are similar to some of the destinations that exist in other countries. We call those as Indonesian nature. Check it out!

The magnificent Niagara falls already well-known throughout the world it turns out you can enjoy at the waterfall, located about 60 kilometers from Kendari. Slightly different from the falls, the cliffs around the waterfall Maromo can you climb to feel the sensation of being on the water that falls from a height of one hundred meters.

The location destinations like Chichen Itza in Mexico is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu. Berjo precisely in Hamlet, Village Sukuh, Karanganyar. Unlike the other Hindu temples, relics of the Majapahit Kingdom Sukuh so that 'do not want' facing toward the sunrise, but toward the West.

One of the best places to enjoy the wildlife in eastern Indonesia has turned out filled with animals that have similarities with Australian animals. So the evidence that the Australian mainland once fused with Indonesia, Wasur National Park so the most appropriate place to enjoy the feel of the Australian in the homeland.

Name destinations located in Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java, is indeed derived from such a place that has almost the same with him, Green Canyon. Not in the United States, but the green water of the stone mountains in Indonesia. You can walk along the river to swim, ride a boat, even while fishing.

Not without reason if Parangkusumo is touted as the Desert Sahara Indonesia. Contour sand increasingly fickle make this destination is always exciting to visit, especially for you who love photography. As far as the eye could see only sand stretching up to 15 kilometers ahead.

Both are at the top of the mountain with the stones that make up the rubble that may be magnificent in his day. A site of Mount Padang is so similar to Machu Picchu in Peru. Enjoy ancient sites while enjoying cool mountain air is the best way to fill the trip.

Java also turned out to have a feel of Africa. Baluran National Park is so evident. The expanse of savanna filled with wild animals that move so freely indeed delivers the feel of Africa to the east of the island of Java. You can camp while enjoying the thick expanse of stars that filled the night sky.

Not only must travel to a foreign country to be a tourist there. It turned out that beautiful Indonesian nature was ready to give the feel similarly. Rows above destinations can be an option when you have a time-out that is relatively short. If you know of other destinations in Indonesia which are also similar to many places in the world, directly add in the comments field alone.

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