About Natuna Island ( Indonesian )

Golden Holidays - Discover the beauty of the archipelago endless, Natuna Island is one of the island belonging to Indonesia beautiful and rich natural resources. Island that had threatened in claim ownership by China's own beauty that not many tereksplore.

Not only has the natural beauty, Natuna Island also contains a wealth of abundant mines such as quartz sand, natural gas, and petroleum. Besides the territorial waters of Natuna Islands are also in international shipping lanes. That's why this island is competed.

Before we discuss the beautiful spots in the Natuna islands are interesting to explore, consider the following information to learn more about Natuna Island.

Location of Natuna Island

Natuna Island is an island chain that is directly adjacent to the South China Sea. Administratively Natuna Island included in the province of Riau Islands. The outer islands of Natuna cluster borders the most northern part of Indonesia.

Natuna Island maps

To find out more about the location of the Natuna islands will be easier to look at a map image following the Natuna islands

History and Origins of Natuna Island

The cluster of the outer islands of Natuna has been defined as the outer limit of Indonesia in Juanda Declaration in 1957 ago. Then in 1999 established Natuna regency as one administrative region of Riau Islands province.

Ownership Status Natuna Island

It is deliberately I write to respond to the hottest issue that many in the media today that the Natuna Island in danger of being swept South China Sea dispute.

Natuna island cluster as outermost regions in Indonesia border points has been registered to the United Nations in 2009, with this it is clear that the Indonesian-owned Natuna Islands.

However, if the maritime disputes involving China and Taiwan with some ASEAN countries (Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam) continues without a clear settlement, Natuna Island will still be affected. In anticipation of this, the government has made efforts to strengthen its military bases on the island of Natuna.

The beauty of Natuna Island

The natural beauty of Natuna Island is not in doubt. Pearl in the north end is the nickname given to describe the beauty of Natuna Island. In addition to its natural state is still very beautiful, Natuna Island also has lots of amazing tourist potential.

On this island there are more than 10 beaches with stunning beauty and uniqueness. Territorial waters of Natuna Island also still very awake, is home to a variety of marine biota. For you lovers of snorkeling, underwater nature Natuna very suitable for the try.

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