Annyeong Haseyo! Here are 5 Tourist Attractions in South Korea!

Golden Holidays - If traveling to South Korea or state that is often called the Ginseng Country, I’m sure you do not want to pass the moments and interesting sights in that country. Well before you finish with a vacation to Korea, you should know in advance the tourist spots are popular and compulsory for a visit. This time, I am gonna share you about five sites in South Korea are required to make you visit, check this out!

The Tourist Attractions in South Korea Mandatory Visited

N Seoul Tower is a communications and observation tower, located on Mount Namsan, Seoul, South Korea. Places in South Korea it has a height of 236,7m and the landmarks of the city of Seoul. Create the foreign traveler who visited South Korea, and it feels incomplete if you have not set foot in this tourist spot. Because in N Seoul Tower's has a unique attraction is the existence of thousands of padlocks of colorful love with various forms of which are in the tree and also on the fence bottom of the tower. You can also post Padlocks of Love with your partner here. Moreover, the tourist attractions in South Korea this one also has two restaurants on the ground floor and also a souvenir shop along with Teddy Bear Museum. To get here, many alternative ways can be taken by Cable Car ride, explore the highway or climbing stairs.

Well if the tourist attractions in South Korea this one very striking Korean culture. Also, we often see in a colossal drama tablets. Often used in an enormous show because in many villages where people are still using the original traditional Korean house, or Hanok. Well, for you who want to know Korean culture further, you can visit this one tourist attractions in Korea.

Other attractions which are synonymous with South Korea that the Korean Imperial Household. This place is an ancient royal palace and also frequently appeared in Korean dramas. There are five Grand Palace or the palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty are Changdeokgung Palace, Gyeongbokgung, Changgyeonggung, Gyeonghuigung, and Deoksugung. The places are breathtaking and are a tourist spot in Korea are quite popular. So if you're traveling to South Korea, you shall come to this location.

Namiseom or Nami Island is a small enough island that fantastic buildup because the half-moon shape. This place is located right in the area of ​​Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do province, South Korea. Though taken far enough away from Seoul is approximately 63km, but the landscape that is in place is charming and romantic. How come? Yes because on both sides of the trees are very cloudy and cool colors. The island became increasingly popular after the advent of the Korean drama titled Winter Sonata because it uses one of the tourist attractions in South Korea for filming. Either in the fall, winter, summer or spring of the place still has a beauty of its own. But we recommend the most suitable time for a visit to Nami Island is in the autumn.

Jejudo or Jeju Island is the largest island, but there is the smallest province in South Korea and is located in the Strait Korea. If adopted from Korea South Coast approximately 130km. The island does have a very exotic beauty, and many people say the wealthy island resort of Bali. This place became one of the most tourist destinations honeymoon in the world's top tablets addition Jeju Island is also listed as one of UNESCO's world heritage site and also included one of the 7 Wonders of Nature in the latest version. The island is dubbed as the 'Island of the Gods' because it has a natural beauty that opens includes mountains, cliffs, meadows, wildflower meadow is gorgeous there is even a waterfall too!

That's sights on South Korea's most popular you need to know, maybe there are plans want to go there. If anyone would add more, yes please just leave the comment below! Happy traveling & Gamsahabnida!

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