Here We Go, Some Amazing Places to Travel in Puncak Bogor

Golden Holidays - Enjoying Nature Peak refreshing for a few days can make the body is relaxed. This is the main attraction for the citizens of the capital to come and stay in Puncak Bogor, especially at the end of the week. Traveling in Puncak Bogor offers nature so compelling, we did not need to spend a big budget when doing holiday in Puncak. Of the geographical location, the area of ​​Puncak Bogor is located in the mountainous region that stretches between Bogor and Cianjur Regency.

Fresh mountain climate, clean air, refreshing green landscape and beautiful scenery made Puncak Bogor famous for the lovers of travel. In the Peak area also provided a complete public facilities such as hotels and inns, cafes, restaurants and more. Not only that, there are a lot of villas that are rented to tourists. Condo prices were ranging from cheap to expensive we can choose according to our finances.
Then, like any place in the summit that we enjoy on a weekend? Let's look together the following review of the Hidden Nature tourism in Bogor.

For those of you who want to enjoy the green expanse of tea plantations in Puncak, where this one shall be we visit. The green expanse of tea plantations with some tea leaf pickers make one of the attractions of this peak increasingly looks beautiful. Often visitors to capture the beautiful moments with the background of the green expanse of tea gardens with the activities of the tea leaf pickers.

In contrast to the zoo in general, at the Taman Safari, we could see the animals in the wild from a short distance by car, not even able to interact directly with the animals the animals. The collection of animals in Taman Safari sourced from all over the world, ranging from elephants, deer, dragons, giraffes, up to lions and many other animals that can be encountered in this place. In addition to these facilities to see the animals, we can also enjoy other facilities at Taman Safari, such as a games area, performance area, area baby animals, as well as the swimming area is Safari Water Park.

Citamiang attractions Puncak Bogor is suitable for us who want to spend a holiday with a variety of outdoor games. In this Citamiang, we could relax with family and friends while enjoying the atmosphere of clean air and cool.
Citamiang is also known as one of the outbound travel in Puncak, Bogor. Many communities conduct training activities in the outdoors such as camping and tracking. Citamiang tourist area has a lush pine forest peak and a broad expanse of tea gardens. Therefore travel Citamiang has a gorgeous natural and refreshing.

Apart from being one of the famous producers of ornamental plants, Melrimba Garden is also a tourist spot on the Top of the concept of natural parks. With a total area of ​​about 5 hectares, making Melrimba Garden ideal place for family tourism with its natural beauty.

A lake with a beautiful natural ambiance and quiet. Besides being able to enjoy the scenic beauty and a pleasant atmosphere, we can also play different types of games in places of water, such as water bikes and a flatboat. Telaga Warna origin of the name comes from a story saying that the color of the water in this lake could change.

So, ready to make nature tourism in Bogor?

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