Enjoyed Green tea in Malino Highlands Makasar very beautiful place

Golden Holidays - Makassar is one of the major towns in eastern Indonesia often become tourist destinations. As one of the major urban centers, all the tourist facilities such as hotels, entertainment locations, cafes, and cookery, are all available here. The city's famous Losari Seashore has a great deal of mainstay attractions in the surrounding area, running from beaches, marine leisure areas, historical tours, even beautiful places in the Highlands, one which is Malino Highlands is situated not too far from the location of Makassar.


Found in District Tinggimoncang Malino, Gowa Regency, Sth Sulawesi. Through the centre of the location of Makassar, Malino Highlands is 80 km to the south. The positioning of Malino Highlands fairly technical. To get to these places, you only need less than installment repayment schedules on your 5 several hours from Makassar city centre and can be got by various types of vehicles.

 The advantage of Malino Highlands

Formerly, before it changed its name to Malino Highlands, this place is a tea planting part of nine 100 hectares with an areal? te of just one, 200 metres above sea level. Finding the appealing location as a visitor, this place eventually changed into a tourist destinations that is more beautiful, comfortable, and can be liked by everyone.

During the journey to Malino Highlands, you'll be treated to a view of the pine woods line that stretches between the hillsides and miles. A variety of warm plants growing here to be able to form beautiful green landscapes. Through the rainy season, the air temperature is very cold here, can reach 10 degrees Grad, and frequently shrouded in air. When driving, try to let down your air conditioner, then open the window of the automobile. Move through the enjoyment of Malino cool natural air conditioning complete with air is very fresh.

Malino Highland

Not only can you take good thing about the beauty of a cool green tea herb landscapes, but also the likelihood to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall and a mini zoo. Found in the top of Malino tea plantations, you can relax in the coffeehouse Green Peko while enjoying the green expanse of tea gardens around the cafe.

Green cafe Peko has a classical Japanese people people style architecture that makes the atmosphere definitely seems calm and cool. With this cafe provided a various menu of meals, treats, and also a myriad of tea variants. One of the featured menu is Malino Green Tea.

Malino Green tea supplement is a green tea drink with an unique flavour and distinctive. Enjoy golf course tea extract from the garden directly in the cafe located on the top, it is going to definitely help you get rid of the fatigue of vividness every day activities. Specific responsibility of thinking, and also stress that take in your energy during this time period will be lost instantly.

In addition to relaxing in the cafe peak tea farms, Malino Highland also offers several outdoor game game titles that you can enjoy, such as activities paragliding, horseback riding, bungee getting, trampoline, cross country heading, biking, kite festival, and many other activities.

Malino Highland

Located in an altitude of 1, two hundred meters above sea level, Malino Highlands also became one of the favorite spot for photography lovers, or those who have a hobby of digital photography. Landscape designs plants spaced tea inexperienced and hilly ground conditions make this place has a special attraction for the fans of the ability of photography. Certainly not only the beautiful landscape photos that you can get there here, but you can also make Malino Highlands as the location of the image or prewedding beautiful portrait.

Definitely not much from Malino, there is a waterfall location that you can gain entry to only by foot as far as 600 metre distances. This waterfall is Niagara Takapala. Takapala waterfall is positioned in between the slopes and forests rimbunnnya with a fairly heavy stream of water. This kind of design has an elevation of 100 meters. By an altitude of 20 metres, the fog is always covered this design. If perhaps lucky, you can also see the rainbow here.

Niagara Malino

You can refresh the body with water play under this waterfall, because the design is encased in a tiny lake with large-sized scenic stones. In the base of the waterfall additionally there is a give. This kind of give is a great vacation spot to play water. Once satisfied wet fun, you can warm yourself by sipping warm tea in a tiny shop close to to the design.

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