Enjoying the Beauty of the Charming Santolo Beach Garut, Just Like a Virgin!

Golden Holidays - Santolo is a small island located in Cikelet, Garut, West Java. Distance to the beach is no less than seven kilometers Pameungpeuk the village center, so silent witness Dutch colonial heritage, Rates cross to the island Santolo only need Rp 4 thousand for services between home and away. 

However, if you want to get around once around the beach. Does nothing but add services for 10 thousand rupiahs per person, the small boat you are riding will revolve around the beautiful white sand Santolo visible from a distance. Arrowroot Santolo beach was gorgeous as the beautiful maiden. Especially if you look at the north side, you will see the beauty of natural panorama of mountains and hills that stand each plated. Behind the hill town of Garut.

On the Santolo beach arrowroot there are walls of the rest of the pier that still looks sturdy although some have collapsed buffeted by the waves, or the rest of the tsunamis South Sea a few years time ago than it is on the island Santolo there is a dam square shape with an area of ​​100x50 meters with a thickness of walls reaching one meter made of rock stone material. Those buildings are a heritage park boats Indies before sailing them into the open sea in the Indian Ocean. Most of the patrons who like mincing rest of the dam are made in place of fishing like just expressing a hobby; some small fish swim much rubbed against in the moss on the wall of the pier.

Expanse of white sand from the west to the east as well as the beauty of the beach is calm to the eye will find when you visit the beach Santolo arrowroot, other than that you will be accompanied a pier that stands firm a silent witness to the beauty and comfort of the panorama that is owned Santolo beach, you'll find it all when you are with your family or as a couple on vacation to the Santolo beach. 
Santolo is a neighborhood gathering place for the traditional fishermen because there Santolo pier fishers, Santolo very popular tourist beach in West Java-Indonesia even fame can suck a lot of visitors from metropolitan cities such as Bandung, Jakarta, and Bekasi even abroad. Santolo Coast is located in the southern part of the Garut area, in the district of Cikelet.

Garut district that is a lot of extraordinary tourist potential, one Turkish Santolo, and Rancabuaya. This beautiful beach has coral reefs and white smooth sand beaches; Santolo and Rancabuaya beaches. Maybe some people are already familiar. 
Santolo beach is one of the beautiful beaches that Garut regency government to make this place as an object to travel. The beach area is located in the district of Cikelet, Garut. Besides the beauty of the beach is still beautiful you will also be presented to the beauty of the atmosphere of the morning, watching the beautiful moment that will make your eyes sparkle. Sunrise !!!!! Sunrise emerging from the East Coast Santolo is seen slowly !!!!!!

Charm extensive coral reefs will be adorning the coast this Santolo, the addition of coral reefs, and the place is also stunning with a variety of marine ecosystems that are still natural and unspoiled by the bothering people. In this beach provide special facilities for individuals who like extremes, namely a banana boat exciting boat boat riding this banana boat you can simply enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Santolo beach arrowroot, for the price you just need to pay for 25.000, Santolo beach is evidence that in the district arrowroot precisely in Cikelet ever in Jajag by the Netherlands it is proved with as it is. The rocks on the left coast add to the charm Santolo beach with fresh sea breeze it is an attraction for photographers to take pictures on top of the pedestal stone.

Indonesia deserves to have the nickname paradise for travelers because Indonesia was awarded this unique nature that stretches from Sabang to Merauke, which sometimes can not be found in other countries. One of these attractions are in as far as the island on the South coast of Java, for example, in the most eastern West Java is traveling to Pangandaran Beach, the westernmost port of the queen, during travel south coast of mid West Java there Santolo beach and Rancabuaya.

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