The 5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Paris!

Golden HolidaysParis is a city that is well known throughout the world. This place has incredible charm. No wonder that France became one of the countries with many foreign visitors each year. Well if you want to visit Paris, make sure to visit these famous tourist attractions in Paris. Here are some places you should not miss during a visit to Paris.

Seeing Variety Tourist Attractions in Paris..

Eiffel Tower. Who does not know the famous tower and worldwide in Paris? Almost everyone who visited Paris will not leave the chance to visit this magnificent tower. This tower is an icon of Paris that is located in Champ de Mars Park, Paris. For you who want to feel this awesome tower, just try for the ride to the top of the tower and see how beautiful the existing panorama there is.

The Louvre Museum is the former French royal palace, now it’s become the museum in the world's largest and most famous. This museum has so many visitors each year with approximately 8 million people. The primary purpose of the visitors sees the Monalisa that became an icon of this institution. For you who are curious and want to visit this museum, you have to come early to enjoy all the exhibits available. This is because visitors this museum very much and requires a relatively long queue every day.

Gate of Victory or the Arc de Triomphe is a monument of interest created to celebrate the victory of the French state. By establishing the Gate of Victory is expected to honor all the fallen heroes in battle. The building is also the largest gate in the history to commemorate the victory of Napoleon.

This is a church that is very famous in Paris; even this building became the most visited tourist spot. The church is located on the small island of Pulau Seine Paris, it is a construction in the 12th century in Paris. Besides used as tourist attractions in Paris, until now the church is still used for Mass Archbishop of France.

Tourist attractions in Paris this one is the main square in the city of Paris and is centrally located in the middle of town. The place is surrounded by other buildings are also well known in Paris. Moreover, in this location, there are also a fountain, an Egyptian obelisk, sculpture and decorative lamppost.

Well done, these are the 5 famous places inParis and a must to make a visit. Maybe useful for you who want to leave for Paris or have a dream there. Finally, happy traveling & merci beaucoup!

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