This is the Favorite Tourist Destination The existing World Traveler in Thailand

Golden Holidays - Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles is not only famous for animal elephant, but now many tourist destinations are used as a favorite tourist destination by the world traveler State Thailand is touted as a jewel of Southeast Asia will spoil us with treats comfort of travel culture, history, to exploring exotic beaches in Thailand.

There was a bit of a tourist destination that is owned by this jewel of Southeast Asia. Want to know what travel destinations that should be visited during a visit to Thailand? Let us consider the following review.

One of the famous national park in Thailand stands on an area of ​​600 hectares. Suan Nong Nooch we not only spoiled by the beauty of the flora, but here also often held a Thai cultural performances that can make us captivated. Large gardens and beautifully located in Pattaya. To walk down the park presented a bicycle, given the vast land that we may not be along the entire part of the park in a single day just by walking.

Thailan has beautiful beaches located in Krabi Province, one of the most famous being Railay beach. This beach has crystal clear blue water and soft white sand that stretches along the waterfront. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, for those of you who love sports beradrenalin you can try rock climbing travel, because the rock cliffs on the beach is usually used as a climbing gym.

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most popular resort areas in Thailand. Phi Phi Island is located in Krabi. One interesting point here is Monkey Beach, we can directly face to face with a monkey. Disi ni also have Long Beach which is the best spot to enjoy the sun terbenam.Selain was in Koh Phi Phi also a beach named Maya Bay, which is the most beautiful beach here, as well as being the set of the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Many places in Thailand that you can visit to see typical Thailand. Elephant elephants are highly revered in Thailand. But of the many places that serve or national park elephant, Khao Yai National Park is the most best. Because we can not only see elephants, but we can see elephants along with the natural environment which is natural and beautiful. We could see the elephants bathing in waterfalls, birds of prey and other wildlife. In addition, we can also enjoy trekking in the forest with elephants, bathing elephants, elephant or nursing child. Asik is not it?

For lovers of this cuisine is a favorite tourist destination place to eat typical culinary State Thailand. Not only food sold, here also we can buy unique items such as paintings, wall hangings, incense, and others. Sunday Walking Street is always crowded when Sunday came.

Pai is a favorite tourist destination for backpackers and tourists. Located at the foot of the mountain, making a lot of tourists want to explore here to enjoy trekking to the hill Lisu, Karen, Lahu and Hmong. We can also adventure to enjoy the Pai River, see Pai Canyon and a Ferris wheel that is driven by men.

The Grand Palace is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok which is a historical and cultural relics. The building has a basement in the form of a maze of royal halls, temples and ancient relics. The most valuable building here is the Wat Phra Kaeo, the temple of the Emerald Buddha. Some sources state that in this temple there are relics of a piece of bone or hair of the Buddha himself.

Ayutthaya city is located close to the Chao Phraya River basin. The city is presenting the exotic atmosphere of ancient Thailand. There are a lot of old temples and palaces that we can visit in this historic city.

Sukhothai Old City has become a favorite tourist destination for photographers, why?. Here we can be pampered with many beautiful spots and interesting photos. The ruins of the old town is still standing strong and become a UNESCO world heritage site. Given every structure in the Old City of Sukhothai has its own story about Thai society, much has been done to the old town is awake.

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