A Little Family Vacation Experience To Hong Kong

A Little Family Vacation Experience To Hong Kong - Through this paper, We have auto summary of things you need to know to prepare for a family vacation to Hong Kong. Want a vacation a little short without even filing a visa? Hong Kong is one of the alternatives.

The apartments in Hong Kong


For families who've managed to vacation to Singapore and Malaysia independently, usually Hong Kong is the next destination. Hong Kong Disneyland has fireworks show with a super cool. In addition, Hong Kong also has a Disneyland Toy Story Land.

Our Kiddos met "the real" Jessie

Hong Kong has an integrated transport, easy to bring children to hop on and off public transport in Hong Kong. Not just the MTR (train), bus or ferry, but Hong Kong is also still has a unique tram. It should be noted that there is just a tram on Hong Kong Island.

The famous "Ding-Ding Tram"

Shopping? Oh don't worry, complete in Hong Kong, from start up to market shopping malls branded goods. Our favorite area for window shopping is Central.


LV Shop in Central

Really exciting at Central, in between tall buildings full of goods branded, there is one market in the middle of the aisle who sell cheap stuff. So if finally gave up (because hounded too expensive :D ), then we go to the market to buy souvenirs.

A market in between branded shops


Visa Not Required For A Holiday To Hong Kong If Indonesian Person

The things that make the weight of family holidays in addition to the budget problem is the preparation, including asking for a visa. Kebayang kan should fill in the form of filing visa, copy documents and so forth, multiplied by the number of family members.

Fun, holidays to Hong Kong do not need a visa. Just need a valid passport for at least 6 months and of course the plane ticket.

Looking for Halal food in Hong Kong

This section seems to me still  "PR's" banget deh. Our stay at Wanchai area so near to Halal Dimsum at the Islamic Center. Every time to Hong Kong, this place we never miss. 

For friends who had to eat the rice, not to worry. Buy just rice cooked in the cafeteria Islamic Center, and when the hour came, eating eat rice with stock brought from Indonesia. 

Tungkoe Minang offers rendang and jerky in packaging practical. Tungkoe often accompany our travels to various countries. 

How Many Days Is Most Ideal For A Family Holiday To Hong Kong?

We think from Wednesday to Sunday, including time on the trip (5D4N). 2 day will already be spent at Disneyland and Ocean Park, the rest to the streets and feel uniquely Hong Kong.

One of the market I found in Central, it was all red approaching the Chinese New Year

The best month to Hong Kong according to me is the month of February, the air is cool, but not too cold. Line up rides at Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park was not overheating!

Looking For Budget Accommodation In Hong Kong

For holidays with the family, stay in Hong Kong Island, so close to various tourist destinations such as the Ocean Park, and close to the shopping area Causewaybay contained Toys R Us stores. Hong Kong Island Kowloon is not same, also not so very recommended.

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While the two go with Mr. husband, I'd stay at Causeway Bay Inn is conveniently located near Times Square Shopping Mall. The hostel has rooms for two, three and four people. If your friends are looking for budget accommodation with a location premium should really turn to Causeway Bay Inn.

Room for two, very compact yet at premium location

Friends looking for a mid-range? May peek JJ Hotel in Wanchai area. During a stay at JJ Hotel, we chose the Premier Room because the room is big enough for 2 adults and 2 children. 

Any location is conveniently close to the Islamic Center in Wanchai that has a kosher restaurant on the 5th floor, which is one of the main menu is halal dim sum. 

Our Kiddos in front of JJ Hotel
The premier room

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