Destination To Meeru Island

Meeru Island, one of the islands in the Maldives can be your romantic vacation choice together. The beautiful sea panorama becomes the most intimate setting for a weekend together.

Who knows? An island group formed from a collection of active lagoon coral islands in the Indian Ocean. This country in the southwest of Sri Lanka is indeed famous for its charming resorts and islands. One of the prima donna of the people is Meeru Island.

Meeru Island
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Well, Meeru Island offers a variety of accommodation facilities for tourists. On this island there are around 286 villas. The location and spots offered by each of these villas are different, there are accommodations on the island and there are those that provide warmth in the Meeru Island Climate.

The white sand landscape side by side with clear sea air will be a pleasant "space". Lay trees with dense green into beautiful wallpapers in this natural "space". You can also invite your partner to enjoy the atmosphere on the boat.

Meeru Island 2
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When relaxing, the relatively calm sea waves become free shows from nature. Wush! The wind blew smoothly into every layer of Meeru's nature. The beautiful swaying of the trees looks like a Samba dancer. Waves, winds, trees, and their movements merge into the beautiful natural bandages of Iseru Meeru.

Facing natural disasters with waves above the Water Villa, your night will be more perfect. Before, in a more personal session, dinner on the villa terrace became a romantic evening party on the land of Maldives.

Twinkling lights from each villa and the gentle sea breeze always accompanies your meal. You need to know, resorts on Meeru Island are known as a satisfying place for their freedom. You can easily set the best places for beautiful couples.

If you are lucky, the moonlight and the star's sparkle in the sky will also be a decoration at dinner. When dinner ends, a warm kiss will close the wedding dinner together.

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Many things you can do with your partner Doing while on vacation in Meeru. Diving, snorkeling, trekking exploring the island or doing a small cruise around the island can be an exciting activity on Meeru.

Come on, pay special attention and make the most beautiful weekend for you on Meeru Island.

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